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Sturgis, SD

Cow Herd

Over the years, we narrowed down the focus on our cow herd. To start, we want highly productive cows that are docile and good uddered, without sacrificing power. We first choose cows that have dimension – body depth, chest width, length and easy fleshing – because these are the phenotypic attributes we find are the most profitable in our herd. Then, our cows must be moderate framed and easy fleshing to thrive in the harsh, South Dakota climate.

These are the type of cows we have found work for us, instead of us working for them. When you have two people calving 550 synchronized cows, it’s essential to have good mothers that won’t cause problems. At this rate, there isn’t always time to mess with an individual when we’re trying to save the entire herd.

During the summer we rotate our cows to different pastures to help manage our forages.

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