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Sturgis, SD


At Blair Brothers Angus Ranch, we believe you can have it all when it comes to your cow herd. That’s why we produce cattle that excel in the pasture, feedlot, and on the dinner plate.

We successfully built a cow herd that combines calving ease, maternal characteristics, adequate growth, moderate frame, feed efficiency, and the ability to marble extremely well. We even have the data to prove it.

Our goal is to produce females that work for your operation and you are proud of incorporating into your herd. We believe you should not have to worry about dystocia, bad udders, and watching your back when you are dealing with a calf. Our cows must to be able to calve on their own then get their calves up and going in a timely manner.

We select and use AI sires based on their proven EPDs and DNA profiles in the Angus breed. We continue using AI sires because they are able to produce the top genetics and power in our offspring, while still maintaining soundness on their feet and legs.

We position ourselves to produce the best beef to supply today’s cattle industry. Carcass traits are important to the consumer, and are the few traits the producer actually gets paid for that do not cost him on the ranch. When killed on a grid, our offspring have achieved 100% Choice and 50% Prime. These cattle brought back $200 per head over the market price, and we want you to achieve the same results.

We guarantee bulls will produce calves that grow on the ranch, as well as in the feedyard. The offspring produced by our bulls are some of the best the Kansas feedyards have ever seen. The last set of heifers we sent were fed 111 days, gained 5.77 lbs per day, and converted 5.02 on a dry matter basis. That’s why we believe you can have it all.